U: & ekke

Sounds and rhythms from “toots” to mesmerizing soundscapes

Members of ensemble U: and ekke

Ensemble U: currently the most active and renowned contemporary music ensemble in Estonia, has been esteemed for it's very own sound.

Since the group works without conductor it has developed a very sensitive ensemble playing through deep listening and rich sound colour palette. The sound of U: has become a sort of trademark of the group and has inspired numerous composers to write for U:. U: has been famous for both its ability to perform even the most demanding contemporary music masterpieces and to realize “crazy” experimental projects requireing original approach and sparkling ideas.

The intrigue for us in the project lies in melting together the mastery of acoustic instruments' extended techniques the members of U: have developed through extensive research and countless premieres of contemporary avantgarde compositions and the possibilities of electronic sound synthesis in creating a deep vibrating sonic experience where the best of acoustic and electronic sound synthesis meet.

It is a submersion into SOUND without boundaries and broken rhythms pulsating in them.

The three musicians of the project – Ekke Västrik (sound artist), Taavi Kerikmäe and Tarmo Johannes (members of U:) – are coming from different backgrounds. Still the connecting factor is their ability of transconnectivity. They have all been actively involved in very different music scenes from contemporary music, rock, EDM, experimental, free improvisation, electro pop etc.

More info: www.uuu.ee